Please use the following email for STEPS ONE, TWO and THREE:[email protected]

STEP ONE: Email brief paragraph why you think you would be a great fit at our company.

STEP TWO:Answer the following questions -

i) What type of sales experience you have?

ii) Do you know anything about Amera Expert Advisors? If so, what?

iii) Why I've got what it takes to be in Real Estate...

iv) Do you perfer to maximize your income on commission or more secure salary?


An important step in our selection process is the completion the requested prior two steps.

  • We have only 3 positions at Amera Realty Expert Advisors.
  • Let use know your interest for a confidential meeting.

ALL inquiries, emails and resumes are TOTALLY confidential.

Thank you in advance!

New Agent AREA Bootcamp

How would your life change, if you consistently earned a full-time income as a real estate agent?

You donâ??t have to be a full-time agent to join our firm. But you must have the desire to do what it takes to become successful. We will show you how.

At the end of 2008 I formed a new real estate brokerage in the heart of Historic Cary. I started building a team of top-producing, full time real estate agents who provide exceptional service to home buyers and sellers.

NOWâ?¦ We want YOU to become part of our team!

Our New Agent AREA Boot Camp transforms new associates to top producers in just 30 days!

Our New Agent AREA Boot Camp includes 3 days a week of classroom instruction, with a heavy focus on client representation techniques.

My promise to YOU:

Every week I will help you set goals and take action. As your coach, I will hold you accountable, so you can achieve your goals easily.

You get all the tools that make you successful, including a website, a contact management system, AREA branding, listing and buyer presentations, and your own dedicated phone line.

Your promise to ME:

The New Agent AREA Boot Camp will require a full time commitment.

You will attend weekly classes.

At each of the classes you will learn new skills and techniques. Then you will develop an action plan and implement these actions before the next meeting. As your coach, I will hold you accountable.

I know you can do better than the Average Agent?