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Mistakes to Avoid!

As a First-Time Home Buyer

When a Raleigh and surrounding area first-time home buyer begins hunting for the prize that has to serve both as a satisfactory home base and a solid investment, most feel a mixture of excitement (a home is a landmark achievement!) and maybe just a touch of apprehension. Like any expense you've never encountered before, it's appropriate to take extra care the first time out and to pay attention to what experience teaches. Along those lines, here are some mistakes that are easy for a first-time home buyer to make. Fortunately, they are also easy to sidestep with an Amera Realty Expert Advisor agent at your side:

1. Waiting for a better rate

Adjustable rates may well be about as low as they are going to get right now and some signs point to an increase in the coming months. For a Raleigh and surrounding area first-time home owner who will be taking out a loan, if the property is right, hesitating to make a commitment based on a loan rate gamble is seldom a good idea.

2. Thinking short term

Consider thinking of a home as a lifetime investment. Even for those who are single or newly-wedded, it's possible that being open to a house with extra rooms could end up saving considerably on moving, transaction and agent fees, taxes, etc. It's equally important to look at neighborhoods and how they are changing and developing. If you do resell your home, location can make a big difference in how.

3. Underestimating hidden costs

The monthly mortgage payment isn't the ultimate bottom line. When a first-time home buyer comes across a property that fills (or exceeds) everything he or she has been looking for, if the mortgage payment looks to be right, it's easy to overlook other homeowner expenses. Experienced buyers make hardheaded estimates of maintenance fees and property taxes as they will be every bit as consequential as the mortgage bill.

For a first-time home buyer in Raleigh and surrounding areas, when thoughtful perspective goes into your final decision, it's that much more likely to be a decision that pays off in the long run. If you are preparing to buy this year, the Amera Realty Expert Advisors will be standing by to help get you started!

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