Certified WISE Buy-Homes Sell Faster!

Work with a Certified WISE Buy agent and AREA team that is CERTIFIED and TESTED in the Raleigh and surrounding area as the only proven and approved Certified WISE Buy Program thru NAEA!
Think of the Certified WISE Buy™ as a vacation at an all-in-one resort: you get the full service of all the benefits all wrapped up in a neat and tidy package.

When making one of the biggest and most important purchase of your life, sometimes having pre-qualified properties available to you can simplify your selection process. Discover Amera Realty Expert Advisors (AREA) Certified WISE Buy™ properties together with our 100% satisfaction love it or leave it guarantee. Only after our extensive property research, inspection, and evaluation done by our experts does a property receive this WISE Buy™ certificate. Every WISE Buy™ property comes with a 13-month home warranty and additional incentives for new home owners.

As an expert advisor, our goal is to help our sellers get the most amount of money for their
home in the least amount of time with the fewest headaches. The Certified WISE Buy™
was created to do just that. By getting a home warranty, having their home pre-inspected
and staged prior to being put on the market and getting an appraisal for the value of their
home, all while under the umbrella of a professional evaluation by you and your team of
experts, sellers are able to put their best foot forward in getting their home sold.

From the seller’s prospective, there will be few, if any, surprises that pop up along the
way to cause stress and/or derail the sale of the home. From the buyer’s perspective, the
home is ready to buy and the buyer can move forward with the peace of mind that he/she
doesn’t need to deal with a million issues to get through the home buying process.
It requires an investment of time and money on the seller’s part up front, but the end
result to him/her is worth thousands in the end.

Selling a home in Raleigh or the Triangle area?  
Now there’s a better way to sell faster and for more money than a traditional real estate agent. There are many benefits to selling a Certified WISE Buy home, including selling FASTER and selling for up to 18%MORE. Why do Certified WISE Buy homes sell faster and for more money? Because they offer buyers the worry-free buying of a fully inspected, warranty, staging and evaluation by a licensed appraiser—and you get maximum leverage in the negotiation.
Learn more about all that WISE homes have to offer for both buyers and sellers!

Seller & Buyer Benefits of Certified WISE Buy


A premium home warranty covers you and your buyer for up to 13 months! You can:

  • Have a comfort level of knowing your investment is safe from unexpected repair costs during the home warranty period
  • Coverage of major systems, A/C, heat & appliances (ask for details as some plans are different in coverage)
  • Receive a 1-year access to our list of handyman service plans with a nominal service fee


Performed by licensed and reputable Advantage Home Inspections 

  • Receive a full long form 167-point inspection, with 30-day satisfaction guaranteed
  • No hidden surprises! Know all the details UPFRONT
  • Negotiate from a position of knowledge, leverage, and confidence

Staging/Secure Financing:

  • Wells Fargo Mortgage Joe Larotonda 919-696-6675 
  • Provides a pre-approval guaranteed with credit pulled and income verified along with a 20-day approval-to-closing. Less time between accepted offer and closing = less stress.
  • Wells Fargo offers No closing costs loan programs available for your buyer along with the Lift Program
  • Increase your home’s sale ability by working with the best lender in the industry
  • Our team of staggers will meet with you before we put your home on the market to SELL. Our team of Certified Expert Advisors and staggers with market knowledge will get you the BEST show ability of your home which in terms means we will get you the most amount of money for your home with the best terms!


  • Licensed appraiser-prepared floorplan and certified sealed square footage
  • Upfront title exam, preventing delays with our preferred attorney
  • General contractor’s itemized list of repair costs upfront for negotiation leverage.
  • Seller complete repairs before homes hit the market which is a tremendous BENEFIT to the buyer based on our pre-listing home inspection as part of the Certified WISE BuyTrade Mark on Microsoft Windows 10 Creators Update program..


BENEFIT - thousands of dollars with maximum Certified and trained negotiation Experts
BENEFIT - save hundreds of dollars with HWA 13 month home warranty coverage for you
BENEFIT - with upfront inspections so there are no hidden surprises for buyer or seller
BENEFIT - save tons of dollars with our core vendor contacts

Are You Ready to Sell Your Raleigh/Triangle Home for More Money?

If you’re thinking of selling a home in the Triangle, then it’s time to really consider all the benefits of selling with Certified WISE Buy Home. Contact me or our team of Certified Expert Advisors today to learn more about the Benefits of Certified WISE Buy selling and how it can BENEFIT YOU! We’re are always here to answer your questions and are ready to get started selling any time you’re ready to SELL your home!

*Certified WISE Buy is part of Expert Advisor NAEA Home Selling System in which we are tested and Certified for your behalf as being selected as top of the top 500 marketing agents in the US. Many agents try to copy our systems, buy only work with a Certified Expert Advisor who has gone thru extensive training and who has "A proven, repeatable system, backed by market research top sell your home...for up to 18% more money than traditional real estate agents".market knowledge