Our Over / Under Guarantee is simple: 

Your Home SOLD OVER the average price AND Under the average time or we will pay one months of your mortgage payment! 

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Note that our team creates a completely customized marketing plan for each and every client and home.  This is an overview of some of the core strategies we use, but is by no means a comprehensive explanation of our plan.  We'd love to invite you to our office to discuss the exact strategy that would be best for you.


The Over / Under program is an incredible marketing plan that has been proven to work in hot markets and cold, but is not a perfect fit for everyone.  We offer several other programs that have exciting results as well and we look forward to putting a perfect game plan together with you to get your home sold at a price and time frame that is just right for you.  Call us today at 919-228-6515 to get started!

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